About Love The Ave & the New Bedford TDI District

Love The Ave is a committee of diverse community members dedicated to promoting the equally diverse commercial corridor, Acushnet Avenue and all of New Bedford’s North End. In 2022, a New Bedford TDI District was established by MassDevelopment within the Love The Ave footprint.

The New Bedford TDI District is focused on the revitalization of “The Ave” – as it is affectionately called. TDI stands for Transformative Development Initiative.  It is one of many TDI Districts in Massachusetts. Each is part of a larger MassDevelopment program to stimulate economic growth, encourage community development, improve infrastructure, enhance public spaces, and attract private investment within each district.

The program, which you can find out more about here,  involves working closely with local stakeholders, businesses, and residents to identify priorities and implement initiatives that address the unique needs of the neighborhood.

At the forefront of priorities for the New Bedford TDI Partnership with the City of New Bedford is place-based economic development that focuses on small-business development, entrepreneurship, and public realm improvements with an arts-and-culture-based approach.

Love The Ave believes:

Acushnet Avenue in the City of New Bedford, MA has a beloved past, dynamic present and thrilling future as the heart of the North End.

The commercial corridor and surrounding neighborhood is home to the city’s International Marketplace – a collection of cultures reflected in its many restaurants, businesses, services and opportunities – and vibrant Riverside Park among other unique destinations.

Its residential population enjoys the area’s most walkable neighborhood. From dawn into the evening, The Avenue, as it is affectionately known, is a hub of activity.

Up and down The Avenue and throughout the North End you’ll find a community of civic and private enterprises of all backgrounds working together to create a destination like none other on the South Coast.

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