Love The Ave – Mapped!

NOTE: Before the Covid-19 crisis reared its head, the Love The Ave team had a variety of plans on the drawing board for 2020. 

Out of necessity, some have been postponed. Yet we feel it’s important to carry on where and when we can because our core mission is strengthening our Acushnet Avenue and North End New Bedford community. And that’s more vital than ever before. 

One way we planned to help people discover how to best #LoveTheAve and #NorthEndNB is by offering the following custom Google map to visitors to this site. Originally scheduled to launch in April, it’s all the more relevant today…

The Love The Ave team is pleased to offer a new tool to all those who Love The Ave and New Bedford’s North End. will host a specially-created “Love The Ave” Google Map featuring all the destination spots in the city’s North End and along its beloved commercial corridor, Acushnet Avenue. You can view it here

All in one place, you can find restaurants, bakeries, cultural attractions, public amenities, and much more. Just click on any icon to learn more about each spot on the “Love The Ave” Google Map. 

It’s the work of New Bedford’s digital cartographer, Scott Bishop, who has spent the last few months populating it with all that we love about The Ave, the North End and New Bedford, as well as maps for other areas within the city.

It’s been really fun and enlightening to help put together these maps and clearly see the cultural imprint of these districts,” he says. “I hope it gives people inside and outside of New Bedford incentive to take advantage of what the city has to offer, because these maps give a very robust picture of New Bedford’s vibrant cultural life.”

Naturally, we agree. And invite you to find your own destinations using the “Love The Ave” map. 

As we launch it, we’re also redesigning our intro page on this website. That way, you’ll easily be able to find your way around here as well as on the ground. North End News and Love The Ave Mapped will greet visitors to the site going forward. 

We’re all navigating a new world – and it’s our hope that this helps keep us in touch with the best of what we have into the future.