ADDRESSING THE AVE: 2174 Acushnet Ave

It’s unclear where this crowd is making merry, but it is clear who took and developed the photo. * ROUSSELLE PORTRAIT STUDIO was located at 2174 Acushnet Avenue, in the Cobb Building. The studio was just one of the very many enterprises surrounding The Ave owned by members of New Bedford’s French Canadian community.  (Pictured […]

1541 Acushnet Ave: Scapegoat

Addressing The Ave // By Steven Froias This entry in the Addressing Acushnet Avenue series is something of an anomaly. Rather than uncovering some glorious forgotten past, 1541 Acushnet Avenue was most recently…an empty lot.  However, today it’s the Phillips Avenue Pocket Park. And also something else. A scapegoat.  A scapegoat for some who seek […]

1570 Acushnet Ave: A bridal shop’s long legacy

By Steven Froias Contributing Writer It’s popularly known as the “Bay State TV” building on Acushnet Avenue. It’s a large mixed use retail and residential building that looms over the streetscape between Phillips Avenue and Collette Street. Ghost signage on the building to this day advertises the fact that we once snatched television from the […]

1566-1570 ACUSHNET AVE

What’s popularly known as the Bay State TV building looms large over The Ave – in memory and today on the streetscape. Indeed, signage from the former electronics store still adorns the side of the mixed-use retail and residential structure. Of course, it’s well-known as being the home of Bay State TV – back when […]

Addressing The Ave

A new interactive project that’s part of the Urban Agenda Initiative developed by the Community Economic Development Center (CEDC).  Addressing Acushnet Ave will be a participatory online project and a place-making project along North End’s commercial corridor.  The project will spotlight 10 addresses along The Ave – a mix of vacant storefronts and open small […]

Ave restaurants cited for Covid-19 violations

The New Bedford Health Department has issued fines to six New Bedford-based restaurants and bars for failure to comply with the City’s COVID-19 regulations and protections for residents. Hong Kong Restaurant at 2899 Acushnet Avenue, Mikey B’s Restaurant at 989 Victoria Street, Taqueria La Raza at 1408 Acushnet Avenue, Whiskey Lounge at 1669 Acushnet Avenue, […]